W. Barratt Contractors Ltd undertakes all aspects of roofing repairs in which we utilise well-recognised roofing repair systems, such as Acrypol+ and Giromax.

Below are details of our most favourable repair systems.

What is Acrypol+?

Acrypol+ is a total roof coating waterproof system developed to refurbish failed industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs. Brush applied as a semi-liquid paste, it dries to form an ultra tough, seamless flexible overlay.

Acrypol + can be applied during damp weather conditions and still provide a long-term solution to waterproofing problems, including flat roof repair.

The simple one-coat all-weather application is ideal for general property maintenance and day to day patching repairs. Acrypol+ is available in two standard colours, solar white and medium grey.

What is Giromax?

The SEAMSIL® 100 System is a patented silicone based remedial treatment designed specifically to treat Cut Edge Corrosion on profiled metal roofing sheets.

SEAMSIL® has excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and is unaffected by UV or weather and temperature extremes. It has exceptional adhesion to prepared surfaces, curing to provide a tough elastic seal with a proven track record in corrosion control. The System is used on both steel and aluminium substrates adhering to most coatings: - PVC, PVDF, and most paint finishes.

We're a Qualified Contractor

All SEAMSIL® materials are formulated to be compatible with each other. Proprietary silicone products or other non-silicone mastics are not the same, and must not be used in conjunction with SEAMSIL® Sealants and paints.

W. Barratt Contractors Ltd is fully trained in the use of SEAMSIL®. With full training provided by Giromax in the preparation and application of the SEAMSIL® system who also arrange random inspections of the applications which we carry out ensuring achievement of specification compliance.