Roof Repairs and Cleaning

Roof Repair Work Undertaken

Fit MANSAFE security system on top of roof for Health & Safety precautions

Wash down roof and remove all waste

Clean out all gutters and downpipes

Seal roof up stands and cement cladding to flat roof and parts of skylights

Cut back loose and seal using Acrypol Basecoat and Nylon Scrim to form a coating 6” up cladding over up-stand and then apply the topcoat over basecoat and scrim to form water tight seal.

Apply edge protection to flat roof

Further Images of our Roof Repairs

Roof Cleaning Work Undertaken

Clean out gutters

Check for cracked and loose tiles

Check for any repairs that may need undertaking

Further Images of our Roof Cleaning

Roof Sealing Using Giromax

The SEAMSIL® 100 System is a patented silicone based remedial treatment designed specifically to treat Cut Edge Corrosion on profiled metal roofing sheets.

SEAMSIL® has excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements and is unaffected by UV or weather and temperature extremes.

Further Images of our Giromax Work